General Information

Full Name Carter Fang
Languages English, Cantonese


  • 2022
    Masters in Robotics, Systems and Control
    ETH Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland
    • Focus on computer vision and machine learning
    • Master thesis at Robotics and Perception Group working on deep feature tracking with event cameras (accepted to CVPR 23')
  • 2019
    Bachelors in Applied Science (Mechatronics)
    University of British Columbia
    • Focus on mechatronics and classical control theory
    • Internships at LMI, Motion Metrics, and Professor Chrostowski's Silicon Photonics Group


  • 2022-Present
    Research Engineer in Perception and Prediction
    Waabi, San Francisco, California, US
    • Exploring methods to avoid catastrophic forgetting when training with multiple datasets
    • Maximizing the performance of our offline labeling algorithm
  • 2021-2022
    Perception Intern
    SonyAI, Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland
    • Exploring mirror-camera calibration algorithms
    • Development of a high-speed active visual tracking system
  • 2021-2021
    Autonomous Vehicle Intern
    Motional, Singapore
    • Efficient scenario-based safety validation of autonomous vehicles (accepted to IROS 22')

Academic Interests

  • Robotics
    • Grasp generation in cluttered environments
    • Vision-based navigation
  • Computer Vision
    • Data-driven feature tracking
    • Object detection and tracking


  • Endurance Running: I've completed several marathons in Berlin, Seattle, and Toronto.
  • Rock Climbing: Started bouldering and rope-climbing after moving to San Francisco.
  • Hiking: Recently crossed off the Dolomites from my bucketlist!